Meet Our Learning Tree Family

Teacher Carol


My name is Carol Renteria and I am a proud mother of 3 children and grandmother of 5. I have been with The Learning Tree since November of 2000 and am the Head Teacher in our school. I love working with children because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of their growth socially, emotionally, and academically. I find my career to be very rewarding and I enjoy connecting with families. In my free time I enjoy dates with my husband and spending time with my family. 

Teacher Donetta


 My name is Donetta and I’ve been with The Learning Tree since 1993. I think learning should be a fun experience. I enjoy playing educational games, reading stories, and doing art projects with my students. I am an animal lover and an avid movie goer.  

Teacher Amita


My name is Amita Kshirsagar. I moved to the US from India 30 years ago and am a proud mother of a 17 year old boy. In my spare time I love to travel to new places. I also love hearing about the places my students and their families have visited. I’ve been with The Learning Tree for 5 years. I worked in the IT field for 15 years before switching to childcare and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I love every aspect of being a teacher, as it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in children’s life’s and prepare them for success. Their innocence and enthusiasm is therapeutic for me!

Teacher Marlena


My name is Marlena Silva and I have been in the Early Childhood Field since 2008. I am a very proud grandmother of 7 and a great grandmother of 4. I love working with children because I get the chance to watch them grow and discover themselves. I believe being gentle and loving with a child gets the best response and is the approach I take in with my students in the Panda Room. When I’m not at work I enjoy doing community outreach by helping my husband put on his Elvis performances at Senior Citizen homes.  

Teacher YaYa


My name is Yesenia Escobedo but my friends call me Yaya. I started as an intern with the R.O.P (Regional Occupation Program) in high school for a year and then was hired on officially at The Learning Tree in October 2018. I enjoy helping my students become the best they can be. In my free time I love to bake, do arts and crafts and spend the time at the beach. 

Teacher Aparna


My name is Aparna and have been with The Learning Tree for 3 years. I moved to this country from India 12 years ago and have my Master’s Degree in Computer Science. The most important lessons I’ve learned from my Early Childhood courses is to be patient with my students and to love each one as an individual. I am focused on my students overall development and work with them to meet our goals. I am happily married with 2 wonderful children. In my spare time I volunteer as a Telugu tutor and enjoy spending time with my family and friend 

Director Jenna Colgan


My name is Jenna and I am the owner and director of The Learning Tree Preschool. I started as a Panda teacher here in 1993 and became the Director in 2000. All 3 of my children have attended The Learning Tree and I have such fond memories of having them here with me. I look forward to my future grandchildren continuing the tradition. Child Development is definitely my life’s passion and I love knowing we make a difference in the lives of all of the families we are fortunate enough to serve. In my spare time I enjoy attending plays, concerts and traveling with my family. The Learning Tree Spirit is deep in my heart and I look forward to many more years serving our community. 

Assistant Director Katelyn


My name is Katelyn and I’ve been with The Learning Tree for several years. I started as an intern with the R.O.P program, officially joined as a teacher upon graduation and then transitioned to the Office positon in the last few years. Working with children to help them blossom into independent, confident, and bright individuals is what makes this career my passion. I am a huge animal lover and enjoy reading, gardening, hands-on science activities, and anything to do with art.